Monday, March 22, 2010

So.... Long Time No Blog

Well it's been over a year since I have posted anything. What happened? I don't know... I guess I was in a creative funk. Everytime I made something I thought was really creative I would find out that someone already did a version of it. Meh...

So I decided to quit the blog for awhile and while I love reading about other peoples blogs and what they are creating I tried my damnest not to read em. Especially if they used the same medium I did. I wanted to create stuff and not worry about whether someone else did it already.

So over the past year I have created quite a bit of stuff. I have played with lots of clay and beads and wire and just had a great time! I have painted tiles and made collages and just fooled around. I also spent a lot of time just playing, with the kids, husband and family. I learned how to play rock band and the hubbie and I rock out with the kids sometimes martinis are envolved :P

My husband and I quit smoking last summer and I packed on quite a bit of weight. I bought this wii fit game it led me to actually liking to workout! I have lost 15 pounds and now am walking about 6 times a week trying to get it up to 5 miles a day.

I did a craftshow last weekend and it lit a fire under my ass to get to making stuff again and so hopefully soon I will be posting some pictures. I also have decided to be more myself in this blog I think I was trying to be something I don't know but not completely me... so I am gonna let the abrupt, quirky,nerdy, sometimes painfully shy, sometimes rude grumpyand bitchy, and sometimes sweet and helpful me, loose on this blog . Just warning ya!

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