Friday, March 26, 2010

Don't Pick Me Last! Don't Pick Me Last! Don't Pick Me Last!

Well I was cruising the forums again on Etsy and they had a post about a mudd team.... I am toying with the idea of joining one but I don't know . More research is needed.

What I really would like is to find a local street team. They have one in San Diego and quite a few in L.A. and even some in Northern California but I have not seen any in Orange County! Laguna Beach is stuffed with Artists I would of thought a few would sprung from there... Although they are kinda Clicky down there. I have silly day dreams of winning the lotto just so I can move there and sell my wares.... Yes the have a rule that you have to live there to sell at their craft faires.

Some local crafters did make a Handmade Brigade guild type thing. I asked about it but I think it is a younger crowd and I didn't fit in with their agenda or whatever. Omg I am having flashbacks of 3rd grade kickball team picks when I was picked last!

Hehe well thats life. I guess maybe I will have to start a street team!

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