Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cruising those Etsy Forums

Etsy forums... one word ADDICTIVE!

I went there to check it out ohh lets say about 5pm pacific time next thing I know its almost 8pm!

It's like it a lifeform made up of hundreds of thousands of people all competing against each other to post as quickly as possible. I am not knocking it at all was quite interesting but I can see how distracting it could be for me.

I did find quite a few lovely blogs through the forums and am very excited to follow some new people! People are so darn creative and I love seeing what they come up with.

I know they say that posting in the forums is a way to boost business so I am gonna have to look into that more. I need some help with postal stuff too, it confuses me how people can charge so little to mail items so there must be some secret that I am not privy to, maybe the forums will help.

P.S. Threw my neck out so it's EL Pollo Loco tonight for everyone. I threw in a picture of my star earrings just to throw you off muhahaha!


Blue Green Arts said...

haha, the forums are Totally addictive! I thikn they are so great though, I know I end up making sales when I'm busy in the forums! :)

Jeraluna said...

I totally agree Blue Green Arts! I am cruising them atm. I am thinking of doing a give away also and posting it on the forums it will give me a chance to get to know people :)