Thursday, April 24, 2008


It has been a busy week. My ceramic class ends soon and I am trying to squeeze in as much as I can before the last firing. I am just now getting the results that I want with my ceramics and don't want to stop! I have found a couple of local places I may be able to go to to fire my work until I can get my own kiln so that is nice. I am excited about getting my own kiln and having been surfing the net for ideas and prices so far I am leaning towards aim kilns as they are the most affordable I have found. We shall see!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Messy house!

Well we have visitors coming this weekend and the house is tore up! I have to go to work come home and clean so probably no playing in the mud for me today,bah! Going to try and stay in the now and not get overwhelmed but I didn't get enough sleep and my mind keeps wandering... I am taking the the New Earth web classes and it is helping immensely. Where are the little elves that are supposed to come and do your chores while you sleep when you need them? I was pondering posting a picture of my poor neglected house but decided against it. But I did get some new pieces fired in the raku kiln last night, I am really happy with the results so maybe I will squeeze that in later. Well gotta shower and get the little one ready for the day!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Quicky Little Bird Mold

Here is the quicky mold I made of the Little Bird Carving last night. I tested it this morning, and it works great, however I need to start looking into making my mold out of rubber or something that would last longer and maybe show more detail.

Little Bird Carving

Spent last night carving a little bird that I started last week only to realize that I had made the other side into a starfish Doh!
Oh well I am happy with the bird. I made a quick mold out of porcelain clay and tested it this morning it looks pretty good!
I am going to have to look into making rubber mold soon as I heard the texture is better.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Things I am grateful for today

1. My husbands morning kiss.
2. My son's smile.
3. My daughters singing.
4. The beautiful day it was.
5. The wild mustard growing on the hills, it is breath taking.
6. My friends
7. My daughters sleeping face.