Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birthday Black Widow Battle

Yeah it's my birthday.... I have what is called Arachnophobia not only was it a fun film from the early 90's but it is also the irrational fear of spiders. I have that. Which I have actually started to make some breakthroughs with it like I no longer think they are stalking me....

But when I am having mmm lets say a bit more anxiety than normal the condition is amplified so ... Here is my scary tale. I went to plug in my Wii controller into its charger and there she was bigger than life long spindle legs clacking together, red hour glass winking and ferocious fangs glistening in anticipation of its meal... ME!

Ok I didn't actually get that close to see fangs a'glistening, and I did remain calm instead of running out of the house screaming I thought about how shall I defeat this epic monster....

I quickly remember the bug spray I yelled at my husband for using in the house and ran to look for it under the sink... carefully I might add I have been surprised by many a foe under that dank sanctuary.

Armed with bug killer I faced my foe and aimed. A cloud of sweet lavender tinged with death shot from my can. A direct hit! The black widow stumbled and fell from the wall coughing ( well not really but for theatrics) She Was Stunned! and hopefully dying.

I watched her looking for signs of life, ahhh her leg twitched she was recovering an epic foe indeed! She was coming for me... I knew I would have to battle her Mano a Mano...

So I grabbed the broom and dustpan out of the kitchen... En Guard! I whacked her and she finally curled up in a ball so I used my dustpan to try to nudge her into it for disposal. But like all worthy foes she was not dead. With a mighty OMFG! I proceeded to whack the shit out of her til her legs fell off. Then I gave her a proper burial at sea (toilet) said I was sorry cause I do feel bad and farewell.

I scrubbed the bug spray and looked for an egg sack and web but could not find one. After further contemplation and a conversation with my hubbie we decided she must have traveled in on something.... but what?

Then I remembered I had left me favorite black cardigan outside on a chair overnight and this morning I stumbled out there retrieved it and put it on.... well I screamed like the silly girl that I was and tore that sucker off even though the spider was long gone my crazy arachnophobia brain could not except it. Betrayed by my favorite sweater.....

On a lighter note I sold 3 items yesterday woot woot happy dance! One of my bead sets :) and some other goodies. Now I am trying to decipher the whole SEO thing mehhh my brain does not like.
Anyhow happy birthday to me the big amazon warrior!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Doing Bead Sets

Well like I have said before... Hello my name is Janel and I am addicted to Beads..

Que the "Hello Janel!"

So I have lots of my own ceramic beads and have yet to figure out a way to market them. I have decided to try and sell them in sets. Oh boy and is it hard to part with them... I especially love the raku ones... so shiny, I love to just look at them ... hold them... Okay I am a Beadaphile.... but I know you fellow beadaphiles know what I am talking about.

I have beads that I have bought before I was pregnant with my daughter who is now 21 years old. Do the math. I am hoping that other fellow bead lovers will see my beads and think wow I gotta have them beads and love them too.

Tomorrow I will be at the Ren Faire drinking honey mead and feasting upon turkey legs so that is why I double posted!

Looking For Fans!

I am looking for fans for my Facebook fan page! So for it's just me,my Mom, my Mother-inlaw and my Sister. How lame is that? So throw a fellow crafter a bone and join my facebook fan page!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Panic .. oh my what am I to do!

Well I picked up my last paycheck and now that has happened I feel a little panicky.  I really would like to use these next few months to concentrate on my business and see what happens when I focus my energy into it instead of splitting it up between work and well all the many many other things that come along when you have a family. I am wondering with the extra hours where will it take me creatively. 
Well I have some craft show applications I need to fill out and send but darn it I don't like how my pictures are turning out when I printed them.  Arg... picture taking has become my nemesis.

I did manage to post some new items in my shop so I will throw up a picture of that.  I have a huge batch of beads that I am going to bisque tonight some with that lovely red clay. I am going to start offering bead sets as soon as I get these glazed.
I have to get to sanding them beads so thanks for letting me VENT!!!!