Monday, March 29, 2010

Made My First Real Sell on Etsy

So I stumbled onto the computer this morning my coffee not even yet done brewing and with blurry eyes I saw an email from Etsy. I opened it and it took me a few moments to figure out that I actually sold something... to a real live person outside of my family. I actually had no idea what to do, so I looked on the Etsy forums for help.

I discovered that I should make a pretty package... so I got all my pretty art paper out and stamps and went to work. I even added a little bow with a charm attached. I wrapped it in bubble wrap and stuffed it into a mailer.

What I discovered is it costs more to mail than I charged and in all my fussing with the packaging I forgot to add a cotton cord with my pendant. I am going to mail it along seperately and email her telling it is on its way.

Well you live and learn and hopefully I will become more skilled at all this. I am so grateful to be able to all this in the first place.
The Raku Scallop Shell is what sold!


ren said...

well, you just made another sale. after reading this, i realized i hadn't looked at your store and right away i found two things i wanted. there's suggestive selling for you! (i have several of your pieces. i am one of the "tired girl collective" that was also at the tall mouse shows with you).

Jeraluna said...

I thought it was you but I had not had my coffee yet! Well thankyou so much for your support. How are you guys doing? I still wear my dork button I got for the "Tired girl Collective" hehe