Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Picture Perfect

Well I have been trying to take pictures of my stuff again and man it is harder than it looks! I really need to build a light box or something. In the meantime I am using the edit program in picnik which is easy to use and quite handy oh and best of all FREE!! I still have a lot to learn about taking pictures... but I guess one step at a time.
Honestly I don't get how people work, have a family, and do the etsy thing. I am determined to figure out how the heck they balance it all out.
Oh at this moment I am trying to post this and cook veggie tacos... Juggle juggle!
P.S. Potato and Pasilla Pepper tacos with pinto beans and this lovely salsa they have a trader joes in the cold section, especial? I think it is called and oh boy so yummy!


PaperFlora2 said...

I feel your pain.
I think your pictures look great.

I'm following you now, hope you can do the same.

Jeraluna said...

Thanks Paperflora! I will follow you :)

Casey said...

I think your photographs look pretty good =) I'm a student and decided to quit my day job to pursue my etsy store and my photography business haha - I'm really bad at getting the whole work/pleasure balance!

Jeraluna said...

I hear ya Casey! What a confidence booster, to think I have not been putting stuff up on Etsy because I thought my photo's were subpar.
Thanks :)