Monday, August 30, 2010

Back in the Game!

My big win on a penny slot machine!

At the beginning of August the Hubbie and I went to Vegas to celebrate our 6th Anniversary and I can not believe I am admitting this to go to Sony Fanfaire.  What is Sony Fanfaire?  It's were herds of nerds gather once a year to celebrate their love for SOE games like, Everquest and Everquest 2 and Star Wars Galaxies. 

Anyhow we got there a couple of days before the festivities and had some fun exploring some of the older casino's and I won $850. on a penny slot machine in the flamingo hotel!! Was quite a welcome surprise!  Later that evening I won another $ 65 and then another $350 on a deal or no deal penny machine! Crazy huh?? Anyone we put aside a big chunk of it a went wild with the rest.

When we got home I bought the Samsung soundbar that my hubbie had been eyeballing for awhile and I decided to get a better camera for me. I ended up buying a Cannon Powershot SD 1300 and man I am loving it!

 I took the picture of the ring with it yesterday using just white paper on my table.  The only light was indirect from a window to the side of the table.  I did edit it in Picnic but that was a minor fix and cropping.  Not bad huh? I am still learning but boy I am having fun!