Saturday, November 17, 2012

Black Friday Cyber Monday Destash Event!

I have started my Black Friday/ Cyber Monday event  early by putting a lot of items into my destash/sale section of my shop.

I have also put up a coupon code for %25 off you order. ARTBEADS25

Here is a collage of some of my destash items I put up.

Most of these sets are going for around 10 buck.  Add your coupon and you have a dealio!

I have some new lovely bead and pendant sets that I am putting up.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Polymer Bead Adventures

A few weeks ago my kiln broke down.  While waiting on parts to fix it, I was perusing the isles of Michael s craft store and I saw a colorful set of Sculpty Clay and what do you know I happened to have a %50 coupon on me!

I had played with Fimo clay when it first came out and even took a cane class so I figured I could remember some of the techniques and google what I did not know.

I pulled out my pasta machine and some clay tools and went to work.  My first attempts at marbling were a disaster.  My clay turned a muddy grey color ..I guess I was overzealous with the pasta machine....opps!  I decided to work with it anyway and textured it and I could add paint later if I still didn't like.

I also made a lumpy rainbow cane, a super bright colored flower cane, and some bird and hedgehog beads.

I was delighted that it took such a short time to bake and that I could sand and paint them right away, which totally feeds my instant gratification part of me.

I have to say I love the results and the ugly grey beads are my favorite ones! I even made a new section in my store for them here Polymer Clay.

These are the beads I made with the ugly grey clay disaster. I used Vintaj Patina on them and I love them!

This is what I made from the "Lumpy Rainbow Cane" I love these too.
Some sweet little birds I made and then painted.

 I really like this set too.  I used white clay and cut it into geometric faceted beads.  I then used Vintaj patina on them. I used a low grit sand paper too scuff them up and applied a clear satin finish.

I think I will continue to experiment with this fun medium.  There is so much to learn and try.