Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tibbs Favorite Kitty Cupcakes


 My cat LOVES these cupcakes and has stolen many from my work table. I think because they are still round enough to bat around.


Small amounts of worsted weight yarn, brown for the bottoms and whatever you fancy for the tops.

A small bit of red or pink for the the cherry.

I like Lily Sugar and Cream because of the bright colors and the yarn is sturdy for rough cat play.

Poly fill stuffing

bell (optional)


Yarn needle


G or F hook whatever gives you a tight crochet stitch because we don't want the filling to show, I use smaller because I tend to crochet loose so whatever works best for you.

Stitches Used

Magic Circle

Single Crochet – Sc

Slip Stitch – slst

Cupcake Base

Round 1

Make magic circle and 6 sc into circle slst into first chain sc. Pull on yarn tails to tighten up circle.

Round 2

2 sc into each stitch around slst into the first stitch (12)

Round 3

1 sc in each stitch around slst into first stitch (12)
Round 4

*sc in the next 3 stitches and 2 sc in the next repeat from* slst into first stitch (15)

Round 5 and 6

sc into each stitch around and slst into first stitch. Fasten off and weave in tails

Frosted Top

Round 1

Make a magic circle 6 sc into circle pull to close slst into first stitch.

Round 2

2 sc into each stitch around slst into fist stitch (12)

Round 3

Sc into each stitch around slst into first stitch (12)

Round 4

*sc in the next 3 stitches and 2 sc in the next repeat from* slst into first stitch (15)

Round 5

sc into each st around slst into fist stitch (15)

Keeping yarn on hook take the cupcake base and and frosted top and line up stitches slst the two together all around until you have 5 or 6 stitches left.

Add stuffing, catnip and bell ( don't be afraid to cram it in there) then continue slsting around until first stitch.

Keep the yarn on the hook for the spiral frosting or edging *

Round 6

SC from your last stitch into the frosting at the base and around in a spiral going up until you get to the top, break yarn and weave in tail.. Crocheting in a tighter spiral will make a pointier frosted top while looser with be a fatter one.

Cherry on top!

Make a magic circle, 4 sc into the circle slst into the first stitch pull tight on tail to close. 4 sts

1 Sc chain into each slst into the first fast off with a long tail. Tada you have a cherry!

Take the ends and sew on the top off your cupcake.

You can also use the ends to make tiny sprinkles on top of you cupcake which is especially cute on the cupcake with edging.
Here is Tiberius, Tibbs for short but he is known to answer to baby, buddy,Tibby,  and here kitty kitty. Isn't he handsome? He tests all of my my kitty toys whether I want him to or not! These cupcakes are Tibby approved!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Making Head Pins

It is October and 100 degrees outside. So I have decided to turn on the air, binge watch some old Xfiles and make head pins. 
 It's pretty easy actually. You just need some polymer clay, wire and a cool design. After I bake these guys I will sand  and paint them. Then a cold glaze that will keep them pretty. 

You can make your own or you can visit my store and pick some up there! Which is probably cheaper in the long run. I also have some lovely porcelain head pins. I can't wait to make more of those! I just need to set my new kiln up. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ear buds Key Chain Pouch

Here is an easy fast project that can be done in under an hour. It can be turned into a coin pouch with a zipper sewn instead of a button. The buttons I used in this project are mine and made from porcelain clay but any cute button will do.


A small amount of worsted Weight yarn
Key chain hoop, lanyard clip
E (3.5) hook whatever gauge gives you a tight crochet stitch
waxed thread or dental floss
stitch marker or different colored yarn to mark your round
yarn needle

Stitches Used

Single Crochet – (SC)
Single Crochet Increase (sc inc)
Slip Stitch - ( SLST)
Magic Loop

We will be working in a spiral

Round 1

Make magic loop, crochet 6 sc into loop, pull to close.

Round 2

2 SC in each SC stitches around (12 st)

Round 3

Add marker if you need to, * sc in next st, 2 sc inc into next repeat from * (24st)

Round 4

Move marker up,* 1 sc in the next 3 st, 2sc into next repeat from* ( 30 st)

Round 5

Move marker up, *sc into the next 4 st, 2 sc inc next repeat from* into each st all around (36 st)

finish off and weave in tails.

The second circle is done the same as the first but instead of f finishing off leave on the hook!

Putting together your pouch

Holding the two circles with wrong sides facing each other and line up your stitches with the front and back pieces.

Sc into the back and front of circles. Take hook off and use the dental floss or waxed thread to pull the yarn loop from your first sc through the button holes.

Once through add hook and continue sc around both circles stopping 5-6 stitches from the button.

You should have a small opening if you want it smaller add more sc. If you want it bigger pull out some stitches.

Once you find a size you like crochet a chain loop from the last stitch to fit around button and then slst into the last sc stitch. Break off yarn leaving enough to sew on key-chain loop or clip using a yarn needle. Weave in any extra tails of yarn.

Yay! You are done!

Download this pattern here! PDF