Sunday, April 11, 2010

Zombie Killer

Yesterday we took our 14 year old son to Howies game shack for some family gaming fun,  It was my first time to this so called shack and let me tell you the 14 year old boy living inside me squealed like a little girl when I saw all those computers with wide screen moniters rows as far as the eye could see.  Well maybe not that many but in the hundreds and what lined the walls surrounded these rows of computers? Xbox 360's with a 40 inch tele' for each one....,. sigh  it was truly a gamers wet dream.

So the boy first took us on a Zombie killing adventure with the Left 4 dead 2 game and OH boy it is not for the timid or the weak tummies individual. Decapitated heads and blood spurting arteries     filled this games intro. My husbands character wielded a katana, my son a two handed axe and I duel wielded pistols and shoveled pain pills into my avatars mouth to carry on. This game was hard and focused on team work to get through the levels of zombies as if a zombie was on you,you needed a teammate to help get it off you. This game has probably been out for a while but it was our first venture into that series. Lemme tell nothing beats killing Zombies.... except that my shining moment was I beat my Son in a Modern warfare 2 free for all game Muhahaa.  The boy took lighting my old gamer girl history with doom, and quake 2 also I did love me some old unreal tournament. Used to play a fairy skin quake 2 under the name of deadgirl and I did love some flak gun.

Anyhow do to a day of frivolous gaming I spent all day today glazing and watching Arrested Development while doing so. I always underestimate the time it takes to glaze. I am going to have to time it one of these days. So tomorrow I will "fingers crossed" have some new little bits to show you.

I made some mushrooms,cupcakes,bell shaped flowers,  and a bunch of other goodies.

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