Sunday, April 4, 2010

Shaking a 7.2

We had ourselves an earthquake this afternoon. I was sitting with my Son watching tv when I felt this rolling sensation. I looked at him and said " Oh an Earthquake" then my husband ran downstairs with our daughter and we all huddled under the doorframe. It felt like we were on a boat and I actually felt a bit sick from the sensation. I looked at my husband and said "we have got to move".

Well nothing broke and no one got hurt. I looked up the earthquake online and it originated in Baja. It ended up being a 7.2.

All in all it was a nice relaxing Easter. I did get a chance to play in the clay this weekend. I made these little bell shaped flower beads, hopefully they will turn out. I think they would make nice earrings.


Noogal Creations said...

Wow! Hope all is fine. I saw that on the news last night.

Jeraluna said...

Thanks Noogal, everything is fine just makes you a little wary.

Jeraluna said...
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