Monday, April 12, 2010

Etsy,Artfire,1000 Markets ...Oh MY!!

Arg! yeah maybe not an appropriate way to start a blog but sheesh what a morning! I had been posting my stuff in different selling venues all morning..

First off is Artfire which I am not sure is worth it if I don't go to their pro lvl which is 15.95 a month..... And from what I read they give pro first choice in the whole search option. Not sure what I am going to do but I do need to read up on it more. The forums though have a section for posts about Artfire in the Etsy forums... kinda weird I thought.

Second is 1000 markets which listing stuff there is painfully long and I think stupid... they make you jump through hoops for tagging and the don't have a jewelry section under ceramics and pottery, and they don't have a ceramics tag under jewelry and you can't type it in.***
***Actually Artfire doesn't have those sections either..... arg.

The 3rd one is Zibbet which I have not even got to. I had signed up for a premium account with them for 8 bucks a month. I am going to post jewelry there that I make that isn't from my ceramic charms and pendants. That is if I can find the time to take pictures of the stuff.

So back to Etsy ..... I posted two items there so fast and easy it was a satifying experience after a hectic morning... although I do feel a bit dirty for straying from Etsy hehe.

I am throwing up a picture of my earrings and necklace I just posted in Etsy.

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