Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Search for the Handmade MarketPlace

I was listening to the craftsanity podcast while on my daily walk and the host Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood was interviewing Kari Chapin about her new Book "The Handmade MarketPlace"

The interview was awesome and kept me walking longer than I would of and when it was done I couldn't wait to get a hold of a copy of that book.

     So Monday was payday and the first thing I did was screech into the Barnes and Noble parking lot and rush inside to find myself a copy. I looked in the business section first but it was not there, then I went to the craft section which is always such a mess that I literally stood there for 10 minutes trying to figure out their system of organization, which I figured out they didn't have one. Finally I just sat right there on the floor and started pulling various books off the shelf and perusing them... I have a short attention span and am easily seduced by shiny pictures of pretty things other people craft. Some how I snapped back to the job at hand and  I sternly told myself to get back on track and looked harder...

  Well I was bummed out I could not find a copy in the mess they called the craft section and was prepared to either order it online which doesn't bode well with my Veruca Salt mentality or Yikes track a sales person down! Oh boy I am so painfully shy sometimes which if you knew me in person is sometimes a contradicting personality trait because I can be very abrupt. As I was walking away I glanced back at the bookshelves and what should I see?  Shoved between some how make Origami books was one copy of The Handmade Market Place!! Yippee I grabbed my booty and ran up to the front of store to pay for it.

When I got home I lay on the couch and ignored the phone, the kids, the husband and read until bedtime. Wow what a great book and full of great advice from many successful crafters.  I especially liked her ideas about well.. ideas! Well when I finish the book I will give a proper review but for right now it gets a big gold star!

 Barnes and Noble shame on you for such a terrible crafting section in your bookstore!


ren said...

ah, i "virtually" know kari, and i am gonna send her a link to this. she will be THRILLED to hear it, i know. (but don't tell her, i've got the book but haven't had time to read it yet! too busy drawing!).

Jeraluna said...

Thanks Ren you rule Mama!