Friday, September 5, 2008

Spore, oh why do you tempt me so!

Ahh... The long wait is over, and Spore is finally in the stores. Now the big question for me is do I go buy this game now and get it over with? Because I know that if and when I get this game and install it, my life will be on hold for awhile.... Not that I am the compulsive gamer that I used to be, I do in my wise age have some restraint. At least now when the house is falling down around me, with my sink full of dishes and laundry needing to be done I can blame it on compulsive ceramic bead making and although you can barely wade through the toys in my living room I do have the satisfaction of knowing that my kiln is quietly working its magic filled to the brim waiting to be opened the next day like a present on Christmas morning. It seems like when life gets stressful for me I do spend a bit more time than I should gaming. Well maybe after work today I will drive by Best buy just to look mind you!
Update! I was wrong release date isn't til' the 7th... which is Sunday. Then it will be mine!

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