Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fun Stuff!

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julz191 said...

dude i can't even figure out HOW to add a new blog to mine or change the name or do anything!! HELP!!! i dont' get it. i used to be able to. secondly i can't find how to change my heading and dont' know what to change it to! HELP!
lastly, it's "bear" w/me, not "bare" like you are naked. unless you are? :P
and man you have tons of links/people on your page now. and btw i LOVE the pendant w/the heart and the turquoise surrounding it. and where's my queen bitch deal? i need to start wearing it! hopefully you get this, i have no idea where i'm posting it.
oh wait am i not signed in? is that my problem? hmmmm