Saturday, September 6, 2008

Made my first Etsy Sale!

Yes, my first sale! How exciting! This is the baby that sold, Hurrah!
I am really enjoying this moment, because I had been terribly afraid of the whole online selling thing and put off listing anything for literally 2 years!!! I had made my shop in July of 2006, while I had not started up my ceramics as of that time, I had plenty of hand made items to sell. I have been a seed bead artist for over 20 years amongst many other trades I have dabbled in so I have quite a bit of handcrafted items tucked about my home, but I kept putting off listing anything and let myself become intimidated by it, I just put it in the back of mind of things I should get to. That empty shop haunted me so finally I just decided to do it. Now I am excited and want to learn more on how to make your shop better and how to take pictures that are flattering to your wares. Woo hoo go me!

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