Monday, November 3, 2008

In Search for the Perfect Round Bead

The best thing about playing with clay is the ability to make your own beads and design them anyway you want! I have been a bead- alholic since the late 80's when my best friend at the time had taken up jewelry making it was the beginning of a life long career for her she does beautiful and unique work take a look at her website .
For me it was the beads, I fiddled around with making my own jewelry but I think it was just an excuse to acquire more Beads!! So coming full circle in this tale, I get to make all the beads my heart desires. The downside is I sort of thought it would be easier. I am starting to think that I have some sort of affliction that prevents me from being able to make round beads. I am having a great time learning and playing and trying to reach the Zen of the perfect round bead, and I am getting pretty good at making ovals and tubes.


Brook said...

Hey! just checking out your blog! love the beads! See you at handmade brigade!!

Jeraluna said...

Thanks! Looking forward to it.