Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fresh out of the Kiln

Ahh, the smell of fresh baked porcelain in the morning. I get so giddy with anticipation of seeing my pieces in their final stage that my child in me wakes me up extra early so I can open up my kiln. It's like Christmas, because you basically have no idea what your going to get. The glazes have a mind of their own, sometimes there are color combos that you didn't even use or the colors you thought you put don't show up. I know I put lots of purple, where did it go? But mostly I am always delighted with what the kiln gods bless me with. So here are some more beads and baubles that I will have at the Handmade Brigade this Saturday in Cerritos CA, at the Tall Mouse store from 11am to 5pm. There are lots of talented indie crafters showing their wares and it sure is to be a lot of fun! The Tall Mouse store is a family owned craft store, hurrah for family own independent stores just as they are supporting us indie crafters these businesses need our support too! So come on down this Saturday and have some fun, you can bring the kiddies :)

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