Sunday, July 13, 2008

Buy Handmade Damn it!

What a great day yesterday was. My debut at the Handmade Brigade was a moderate success. I met lots of nice people and sold many of my pendants. It is trippy to think people will be walking around wearing something I made!
One of the best things about the Handmade Brigade craft show was being surrounded by so many talented Indie Crafters. I bought a cute little wallet from Mandalanda made from the inside pages of vintage books, what they do with the covers is they make the these awesome book cover purses very well made and cute as hell. I bought some nerd, geek, dork button pins from the ladies at Tired Girl Collective, I put my dork button on right away for the world to see and even wore out to dinner after the show. Nina from Taco's and Eggrolls was the coordinator of the show, who not only managed the show and the crafters but ran her own successful booth too, she was great and her jewelry funky and original. I chatted it up with the very creative Miriam Dema who makes beautiful screen prints and some funky button pins too, which darn it I didn't get a chance to buy any! I guess I am gonna have buy some from her etsy store :)
The Porterness booth went around handing out BUY HANDMADE DAMN IT! stickers which will go right on my car. All and all a very good day.


miriamdema said...

it was a great day!
good to meet you there!

ren said...

hey, i love my necklaces! glad to hear you had a good day, we did too! and thanks for buying some buttons. nerds, geeks and dorks need to stick together!

-ren from the tired girls