Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Crocheted Rug

I have been working on all sorts of things lately and am trying to finish up works in progress. This rug I started last year and has been taunting me every time I happen upon it. I am using tarn I made from my husbands old tee-shirts and Cascades Tangier's yarn. I am using an H hook and going into a continuous spiral of single crochets around the tarn and adding a 2 sc into the same stitch every now and then to keep it flat. If it gets too ruffled  I l know that I added too many 2sc in the same stitch. I guess I am winging it. This looks great with cotton yarn too. I am using the Tangier's this time because it goes with the rustic thing ingot going on in my living room.

I will keep pictures posted of my progress to hopefully keep me on task!

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