Monday, September 10, 2012

My Cat is My Happy Place

We adopted Tiberious (Tibbs for short) almost 3 years ago.  He was a barn kitty rescue so he is really shy and skittish.  He runs for cover if someone other than a family member enters the house. He freaks out when we change the kitchen garbage bag, sweep, vacuum or mop.

 He has issues but they make him interesting. He loves to be groomed and is super playful.  He loves to sit on the love seats arm and with his haunch's facing you so you can smack them like bongo drums and it cracks me up every time.

 He is always trying to get an extra snack and will go at great lengths to get it talking up the storm and trying to lead you into the kitchen.

 When my youngest daughter sits on the stairs he will run down and pause long enough above her to get in a few playful swats at her head before moving on.

 He is more gentle with me than my husband when playing. My husband almost always leaves a mock battle with Tibbs with a wound but Tibbs also lets my husband do raspberries on his furry belly.

He has a sixth sense when I am bringing clean laundry and has to burrow into and take a nap which leaves us with cat fur covered wrinkled clothes but how can you say no to him?

He sits by me when I work on the computer, roll new beads or glaze pieces for a firing.

He hates being forced to cuddle and it has to be on his terms but if you are patient he will sit right next to you and allow you to love on him.

That is my cat and he is my happy place. If that makes me a crazy cat lady then I am happy to be one!

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