Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Panic .. oh my what am I to do!

Well I picked up my last paycheck and now that has happened I feel a little panicky.  I really would like to use these next few months to concentrate on my business and see what happens when I focus my energy into it instead of splitting it up between work and well all the many many other things that come along when you have a family. I am wondering with the extra hours where will it take me creatively. 
Well I have some craft show applications I need to fill out and send but darn it I don't like how my pictures are turning out when I printed them.  Arg... picture taking has become my nemesis.

I did manage to post some new items in my shop so I will throw up a picture of that.  I have a huge batch of beads that I am going to bisque tonight some with that lovely red clay. I am going to start offering bead sets as soon as I get these glazed.
I have to get to sanding them beads so thanks for letting me VENT!!!!

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