Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Slow like Molasses

Everything is on hold ceramic wise until I buy a kiln. I have decided on Aim Kilns they have a few small test kilns that plug into a regular socket! They start out at 160$ on up up up but really they are the most affordable kilns I have found. Which I should mention I would not have found them if not for this wonderful forum Wet Canvas. I am thinking of the one that is 8" x 8" by 9" it's small, but for a beginner I am sure that it will suit me just fine. If I find that I need a bigger kiln I have this one that I bought off Craigs List for 100$. Boy this baby is an ancient 1975 Duncan Kiln, its pretty big for what I need and overwhelms me when I think of trying to work it. I bought it on a whim and maybe it will come into use later down the road. Lucky me I have two brother in-laws that are electricians that can help me install a new outlet for it because this one runs off of 220. I am going to continue to create more goodies with the clay and just store the green-ware until my kiln comes which can take Gulp, 2 to 6 weeks! But life is good and I am thankful for everything even the little bumps which cause us to slow down when we don't want to.


Dawn Sellers said...

I found your blog from the wet canvas forums. I have an AIM 64J kiln and no clue how to use it.
I'm hoping to fuse some dichroic glass and do some PMC jewelry. I bought my kiln used so there is no manual, no temperature control. I've emailed AIM a couple of days ago with no response. I'll be anxious to hear what kiln you decide on.

Linda Starr said...

I have an ancient Skutt I purchased used a while back. I finally saved up enough to have it wired by an electrician. I will attempt to fire it within a week with some test tiles of three Cone 6 clays, one being Nara, one a terracotta and one a black clay. I am thinking of getting an Aim since I am starting to make pendants and beads.

How did you skulls turn out or have you fired them? Love your other beads.

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